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Thursday, 5 March 2009

Marina Barrage (1)

The Marina Barrage, wiki is a dam in Singapore built across the Marina Channel between the reclaimed lands of Marina East and Marina South. It was officially opened on 1 November 2008.
marina barrage is the largest reservoir in Singapore, it retains rainfall to dilute sea water inside the barrage in order to convert the water to fresh water. The operating principle is simple but I think it's a brilliant idea. My friend who is a civil engineer says it is one of the largest project in Singapore.
Beside the dam, Singapore government built a large complex for recreational and educational use. There are large roof top playground covered with lane, fountains, sculptures and a small yet wonderful exhibition. I enjoyed my time staying there bathing fresh wind and shower from the sea.

One thing to can never be too careful at Marina Barrage when changing lens, I found my view finder/mirror/sensor full of dusts after the trip.

Flying kites seems to be a very popular sport at Marina Barrage

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